Our Water Bounce House is a great way to take your event to the next level. It is like bringing a water park experience to to your location. Plus with the Florida blazing heat outside, the shade and the wet environment of our wet bounce houses gives children a safe environment to let loose and have fun for hours to come.

Water Bounce Houses

Our Obstacle Course Bounce House is an engaging way for kids to spend time with their friends. It promotes balance and coordination in younger and older children with an optional wet slide at the end that brings the experience full circle.

Obstacle Course Bounce Houses

Our Concession Stands are a hit at every party! They are a great way to have a low maintenance event without having to go out to get everything. Plus they are all outdoor friendly and biodegradeable.

Snowcones melt, Popcorn mushes or is eaten by birds and Cotton candy fades with the wind. No one likes to spend extra time cleaning.

All of our concessions come with FREE SUPPLIES for 50 People 






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    About Us    


2BounceHouses LLC, is a family-owned bounce house & party supply rental company based in Sorrento, FL. We are conveniently located within an hour reach of all of Central Florida.

We were tired of renting and seeing that basic bounce house at everyone’s party so we quit our night job and decided to invest in the best way to give kids an amazing time. As parents we know what it's like to try to give our kids the world on their special day

so we went all in to offer yours the most interactive bounce house party ever!

 Why settle for a boring bounce house from the guy down the street. When you can climb, bounce, jump off, slide, shoot hoops and let your party goers be daredevils.  Oh yea and you can add a hose for a water park feel right in your backyard.

 Our concessions carts will make your party EPIC!

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Boy Playing in Bouncy Castle